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Yesterday found us playing 18 holes of golf, so the routine was thrown out the window.  In an effort to establish some way to do all the things I like to do each day, I have created a bit of a routine.  Nothing is set in stone… it all can change on a whim, but when I can, I start the day with some online reading and research about drawing, applique, quilting, purse designing … or whatever skill fits with my current projects.  It also allows me to have the slow start that I prefer… drinking my coffee, watching the morning shows, and researching/reading online… multi-tasking works!  Now it’s time for my walk, so I’ll be out and about for an hour or so enjoying the sunshine.  Then, time for actively drawing and sewing.  The evening meal will need to be planned and prepared somewhere in this part of the day, also. Later in the day, I’ll sit again and do some handwork or more drawing.  Retirement can be wonderful without all of the constraints on one’s time… but be careful!  Creativity is a natural part, and dare I say “need”, of a human being.  With no constraints on time, TV and digital media can usurp all of your day and night, leaving you with very limited accomplishment.  Retired people still need to feel they are “doing” something meaningful.  Some people put a lot of time into volunteer work… bless them.  Once settled permanently again, we will look into adding that to the routine again.  For now, I hope to see some study and improvement in my favorite skills.  What about you?  Do you have a routine?

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