Fiber Arts

A mug shot, perhaps?

No, not really.  And I just know you won’t laugh.  I’ve been practicing looking at myself in the mirror and trying to draw my image without looking at the picture very much.  At first, I used a white crayon and drew several practice sketches, finishing them off with a wash of acrylic paint so the white crayon outlines would show.  Then, I made this one with pencils.  At first, I tried to just catch the basics… no details.  I made marks on my paper to get the dimensions of the face closer to reality.  Lyric Kinard has instructions for all of these practice sessions in her blog… her link is to the left of this blog post area. After getting the basic dimensions on paper, I used some shading and added some details.  I see after looking at her blog today that I need to try again to eliminate making it look perfect and just catch the basic lines.  Much work to still do before I can feel I’ve accomplished this skill, but I at least I am practicing.  I still haven’t done anything that would fit with the Spill Over theme for the Sketch Challenge, but I have a few days before the end of March.  Happy drawing to you!  (Drawing removed)

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