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Lots of life….

After a flurry of company and lots of good visits, I am finding the time to post some of the sketches and watercoloring that I have attempted in the last few days.  First another face… not of anyone in particular, but one drawn along with a uTube lesson…. what a great way to learn and practice.  Then, I decided to zentangle as a way to relax into the drawing mode and ended up doing an entire page of zentangling.  Finally, I really had a good time viewing Jane La Fazio’s new DVD which I had downloaded as a digital version.  This is also another great way to learn as you can stop the video and try the skill; then return to the video; can also repeat it over and over.  I loved this lesson and began to draw some of the common objects around the house.  I’m eager to do more of this drawing this week, but decided I needed to post some drawings first.  This blog will be a nice review of my process of learning to draw and use watercolors.  Great fun no matter the results.

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