Lots of life….

After a flurry of company and lots of good visits, I am finding the time to post some of the sketches and watercoloring that I have attempted in the last few days.  First another face… not of anyone in particular, but one drawn along with a uTube lesson…. what a great way to learn and practice.  Then, I decided to zentangle as a way to relax into the drawing mode and ended up doing an entire page of zentangling.  Finally, I really had a good time viewing Jane La Fazio’s new DVD which I had downloaded as a digital version.  This is also another great way to learn as you can stop the video and try the skill; then return to the video; can also repeat it over and over.  I loved this lesson and began to draw some of the common objects around the house.  I’m eager to do more of this drawing this week, but decided I needed to post some drawings first.  This blog will be a nice review of my process of learning to draw and use watercolors.  Great fun no matter the results.

About muniqueblog

Wife, mother, retired educator, emerging artist. Mary has lived in 10 states and enjoyed them all ~ Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota (return), North Carolina with long term visits to Colorado and Arizona. She likes to travel and create textile art. She has exhibited at the Page-Walker Art Gallery and History Center in Cary, North Carolina; Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg ArtIst Center, Spartanburg, GA; Durham-Orange Quilt Show; Minnesota Quilt Show; the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.
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  1. Very nice work over there! I too want to draw dogwoods!


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