I am in the middle of a Pineapple Series…. first I zentangled one; then I tried using colored pencils, but my color plan was not good.  I will need to do that one again.  Now I have drawn and water colored a realistic pineapple, and I am in the process of rendering it in a small fabric wall hanging.  When I get that done, I will post it all.  Hope you all had very nice Easter holidays, if that is what you celebrate.  Otherwise, happy spring to all!
I’ve moved on to a realistic pineapple drawn from looking at photos. Perhaps I am mixing two different styles, folk and realistic. Thinking on whether my background should have more realism – a window perhaps.
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Wife, mother, retired educator, emerging artist. Mary has lived in 10 states and enjoyed them all ~ Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota (return), North Carolina with long term visits to Colorado and Arizona. She likes to travel and create textile art. She has exhibited at the Page-Walker Art Gallery and History Center in Cary, North Carolina; Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg ArtIst Center, Spartanburg, GA; Durham-Orange Quilt Show; Minnesota Quilt Show; the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.
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8 Responses to Pineapples…

  1. Blythe says:

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  2. aimolde2013 says:

    Actually all your pineapples are so well done!!


  3. aimolde2013 says:

    The pineapple you drew is so good. It just confirms that you are an artist quilter. I can’t wait to see what you do with your patterns from Europe!


  4. Awesome, I am happy to help! Your realistic pineapple drawing is wonderful! And your Pineapple 2 watercolor is really nice!!! I love the perspective on the tablecloth and the patterns are not overpowering the pineapple. Great job! I just love how you have taken one subject and ran with it. For the wall hanging, I would say the top of the pineapple blends in too well with the background or the tablecloth is overpowering the piece. Maybe, thread sketching around the pineapple or heavy embellishment on the pineapple would help with that. But I love the organic feel of the pineapple. You may be right about mixing 2 different styles on the wall hanging. But I don't think so on the pineapple 2 watercolor. Keep the mixing up and before you know it, you've got a style all your own!


  5. Marit says:

    Thanks for your helpful comments, Hannah. I am questioning now, how to finish off the wall hanging… how much stitching to do. I had planned to put a details wallpaper in the back gorund, but perhaps I should keep it more simple. I switched from a tablecoth with perspective to one that is more folk oriented. I think I am combining two styles… folk and realistic, and perhaps I should stick with one or the other. Your comments have triggered very good perspective for me. Thanks again.


  6. I would say patterns can sometimes compete. So an intricate pattern on the pineapple may warrant a more simple pattern in the background. It depends too on what you are trying to achieve – if you want something more realistic in the background, use perspective on the checkered tablecloth. Maybe areas of solid color or continuing lines from the pineapple through the background? Or small versions of the pineapples in their own pattern? Just dishing my 2 cents… Hope to see you Saturday!


  7. Marit says:

    Good suggestion! I'm just sitting here now trying to decide what a good background would be for my pineapple with the basic colors of green/blue in the leaves and yellow/orange in the fruit. I'll probably go with purple/blue stripes and some colorful stitching on top of those. I also think I will increase the size of the table cloth so it covers 1/3 of the background. I'm using a Laura Wasolaski approach… have never had a class from her, but I've been reading about her process on her web site. It's all fun!


  8. Great pineapple! I really like the black and white pattern. What about bright tropic colors?


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