Fiber Arts

Pineapple 2 – from drawing to wall hanging

I am about to add the detail and definition to my wall hanging using machine and hand stitches.  I feel it still needs something more, and may add a plate around the base of the pineapple.  I think the fuchia/purple color in the background gives it a 3 dimensional quality, but am eager to get constructive direction from all you artists out there.  I have made a pattern for this pineapple and plan to try making with on fabric with paint stiks also. However, I’d like to get back to a more folk art style, so I may draw a new more stylized pineapple and see where I can go with that.  I used many suggestions from Laura Waslowski’s web site on fusing.  I think I will also use her tutorial on facing for the edges once I have added a border or two.
I’m always grateful for helpful comments…. that’s what I love about this Sketchbook Challenge approach.

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