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Pineapple 2- Mixed Media – Completed

5-26-2011;©Mary Ritter -all rights reserved; Batiks, Threads, Hand/Machine Embroidery, Hand/ Machine Quilting

The completed concept of a pineapple that started with a sketch and developed into a water color piece is now a completed mixed media art work.  Before beginning the mixed media piece, I read an article about the fusing and handwork methods used by Laura Wasilowski of the “Chicago School of Fusing” in Quilting Arts Magazine (2010 December/2011January).  Having always wanted to try fusing, I decided to give it a try.  I especially liked how she fused the fabric first and then cut out the pieces.  She also has developed a way to transfer a pattern to fabric by using the release paper from the fusing.  It works wonderfully!  After being inspired by the article, I enthusiastically visited her web site and found a plethora of advice that ensures success.  She has videos and still photos that teach how to embroider and how to bind the quilt using fusing in a variety of ways.  She is truly an inspiration!

I used batik and other cotton fabrics; a variety of threads- variegated, quilting and embroidery; some small beads added to bring light to the pineapple surface; seta color paints to stencil the countertop; hand and machine embroidery; and hand and machine quilting.  I enjoy it all, so it is fun to put it all together into one piece.

And so now, it is on to a new project.

© 2010  All images and text are copyright of Mary A. Ritter (aka ‘M Unique) and may not be reproduced without express permission

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