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on knowing your audience

I love that phrase… know your audience… because it holds meaning from past experience for me.  As a teacher, I know that the learner has to connect to prior knowledge.  What do I know already?  And then asking, what do I still need to learn.  If an artist is to communicate through her artwork, then she needs to identify the audience…. who will enjoy it and why will they connect.

Ariane Goodwin writes about this topic… the artist’s “fingerprint” in her blog.   She writes:

“Know Thyself” Is A Good Place To Start  ~

For this perspective to work, though, you have to step away from “how am I different?” (could be tricky for an artist), and become a sociologist asking “how am I the same?””  

 I recommend this article, and others on her blog, if you are an artist who is wants others to respond to your artwork. If you create art just for yourself, then you already “know your audience”, correct? 

Being an artist is new to me.  I have been different sort of experts in the past:  teacher to children, of writing and reading and math and art and technology.  Mentor to teachers: of writing and reading and art instruction and instruction with technology as a tool.  Teaching is both an art and a science… processes that will support this new processing.  

Now in retirement, my focus will be on learning to use mixed media to create art.  I am a beginner in this field, although I have had hours of practice in sewing and technology and music.  My blog will focus on the process of learning that occurs as I approach this new area.  My time to spend on it is pretty unlimited, and it will include writing this blog because writing is also something I enjoy, and it helps me clarify the process.  An early step will be to take some classes in the art field at a nearby college or university this fall.  I am newly located in Durham, NC, but not fully settled, so getting started may have some limitations.  Any suggestions for classes or teachers to seek out is appreciated.  However, first we have a house to sell in Minnesota and another one to find here in lovely NC!  First things first.  I’ve always loved to study the processes of learning and doing. Retirement is a wonderful time to live where you want, to do what you love, and to learn the processes of art and of life.

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