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Tuffet Found!

What a blast!  I so enjoyed creating a tuffet, named Ms Checks, under the direction of Sharyn Cole at Thimble Pleasures.  Today we added the hardware and assembled our tuffets.  Great fun!

Ms Checks finds a home!

7 thoughts on “Tuffet Found!

    1. I found this web link with directions.

      You might also be able to find Sharyn Cole, the author of these directions on Facebook. I took the class directly from her as she lives in my neighborhood, but the store where she taught at that time has closed. Good luck. Thanks for visiting my website.


  1. I am a MacKenzie-Childs nut so, obviously, when I saw this adorable tuffet, I said I would definitely love to work with the jelly-roll fabric strips. I have made many of the MacKenzie-like tuffets and just love them but this is just too cute! I have made one and put it into a charity auction and it was definitely a big hit….thanks for the great idea!


  2. And I am crazy about your book, Jill. So glad to have you visiting my blog!Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking – I want to make an overall map with multiple quilted maps of the home farm and neighborhood where I grew up. We'll see…. down the road… I have your book to guide me!See Jill's blog at and find her book on Amazon, among other places.


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