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Inspirational Creativity

So… I have these wooden thread spools that I have saved since I was a teenager (since the dark ages and all of that).  It would seem I should have more of them, but I have enough to wonder how I should use them.  Kelli Nina Perkin’s web site (Ephemeral Alchemy) just oozes creativity.  Lo…. a great activity for putting those wooden spools to use.  Check out her Whimsical Winter Tutorial for a garland using wooden spools. I don’t think they would have to be wooden spools, but the wooden spools are so special now that we don’t find them anymore.

Another creative use for wooden thread spools is totally without utility, except that it makes your artistic soul soar!  Susan Lenz has created beautiful objet d’art – what a great way to fill one of those cloth covered clothesline baskets, or a piece of pottery, or a glass jar.  I have selfishly written this blog so I can return to it and find this activity when I am ready to get to work on it.   I’m thinking this activity could be adapted to wine corks also!  Enjoy!

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