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Wool Felted, Beaded Wreath

As former Californians, we were disappointed to discover that the NFL has pushed the Rose Bowl off for one more day.  What is New Year’s Day without the Rose Bowl, we asked!!!!

I will work to complete my holiday project today.  If you read earlier posts in December, you will see the beginnings of this wreath.  I have completed the first two layers of machine felted leaves with beading.

This shows the straw wreath which has been wrapped in green satin blanket binding.  My stated purpose earlier was to use “mostly” fabric and embellishments from my stash, without purchasing new supplies.  So I completed about 1/5 of the wreath with a purple ribbon.  It will only show on the back anyway.  This is much like the quilters who use fabric from their stash for the back of the quilt.
This view shows the wreath with the second layer of leaves sewn in place.  I whip stitched, by hand, the lower third of each leaf in the first two layers.  This will keep them secure, but will allow a certain amount of movement to the wreath.
This shows the first of the 3rd layer and final layer of leaves.  Today, I will hand stitch and bead the third layer of leaves and add it to the wreath.  Then, I will still need to felt fabric to make pears, persimmons and magnolia blossoms to place along the inner edge.  I am going to take some time to walk over to the gym and complete my new year obligation of getting more exercise at some point today.  Onward….. and happy new year, once again.

Leaf 3a alternates with Leaf b
Can’t wait to complete this project and then design a pattern for it.  Lots of ideas swimming around for the new year.

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