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Reverse Resolutions and a Word

I’ve decided that my one word for the year 2012 will be “persistence”.  There are many things in my life that will need dedication, courage and tenacity to accomplish, so persistence will come in handy.

This year, there were many resolutions reached… if never designated:
1. In August, we moved our household goods to our new home in North Carolina.
2. In September, we rented our home in MN, and now have decided to become landlords for the longer term with the house off the market.
3. Earlier in the year, I designed 3 purses and created patterns for them.  I’ve given talks, sold almost 30 patterns, and now am scheduled to teach a class based on those patterns.
4.  I’ve joined the local quilt guild, Durham-Orange Quilters and become their secretary, beginning this month.
5. I’ve joined a social quilting bee and an art quilt bee and begun to meet more people.
6. We each chose classes to take through the Duke University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  I’m writing the memoir / stories that I started to write back in the 90s and I’ve made some new friends through the writing class.
7.  We are feeling more settled in our new location and hope to soon move into a more permanent and larger home.
8.  The Wooly Wreath will be another design I created last year and I hope to write a pattern and teach a class based on this wreath also.
9.  I attended Southeast Animal Fiber Fest with my daughter in October and received much inspiration.  Sure hope to go again.
10. I’ve tried using my felting machine and also taken a class in nuno felting and needle punch felting, adding this new technique to my artist’s reservoir.

Reconnect with my faith by finding a spiritual home.
Being persistent in following my own artist’s pathway.
Get settled into a roomier abode.
Set up a workable “studio”.
Try more new techniques to add to my artist’s arsenal.
Pursue publishing…. patterns et al.
Complete the M’Unique web page, with Pay Pal connected, so I can sell my artistic creations online from my own site.

© 2010  All images and text are copyright of Mary A. Ritter (aka ‘M Unique) and may not be reproduced without express permission

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