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Wooly Magnolia Wreath… complete!

Here it is – mid February and I am just now completing the wreath I started and almost completed during the holidays.  I think I am going to remove the fruit and make different placements, but for now, I am going to put it in its storage container.  Next Christmas, when I take it out, my eyes will see it in a different light, and I will make adjustments at that time.

At the end of this month, I am going to join an art group which will be led by Lyric Kinard called Elements Working Group.  During these sessions I hope to gain new insights and may be able to appraise the artistic qualities of this project.

Here is what it looks like at this point in time.  I am eager to move on to new projects and ideas.

Superior Threads University will become a part of my daily routine starting today also.  It will be interesting to learn about how my Janome machine reacts to different weights of threads and also, how I can put those threads to use in projects.  Fun ahead!

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