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The first session of  a new series of classes called Elements of Art and taught by Lyric Kinard has begun.  During the first session, we discussed and created textures ~ the first of the art elements that quilters and fiber artists encounter.  The banner across the top of my blog has the element of texture.  Visual texture is apparent in the bright colors and actual texture is created by the stitching and beading.  Before the next session at the end of March, I hope to create textures through drawing and fiber applications to share here.

I am adding the picture because I discovered that if you read this blog by email, you would not know what the picture in the banner was.  So here ’tis.

One thought on “Texture

  1. Beautiful! I see you are enjoying the pineapple theme once again! I love it when artists find multiple ways to display the same subject matter! It's so inspiring 🙂 Loving the bright colors as well!


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