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Art Elements –

Yesterday our Art Elements group met with Lyric Kinard for a discussion on shape.  We prepared by looking at shape in a variety of art work.  Here is a sample that I studied and used to create a similar composition.  Gustav Klimb, Tree of Life, uses rectangular shapes that create a framework for action and movement on the tree of life.  I created a similar composition using a thermofax screen print of  Bach music which creates movement in the center of the piece.  Screen prints of violins add a solid shape on each side.  The thread painting at the bottom anchors the piece.  In the second piece, I angled the shapes and stitched at an angle to show movement through the piece.  Just a beginner….

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One thought on “Art Elements –

  1. Beautiful! Love the muted colors! Been thinking about you and Lyric in the class – I know you all are having a great time! 🙂


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