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Loft Studio Set Up Begins….

When we moved on May 24, 25, 26, my studio supplies were piled at the bottom of the 16 step stairway…. we saved that task until last, hoping we would all still be injury free.  As they say in these Fiber Arts blogs, my dear husband (DH), dear son (DS) and dear daughter (DD), leant their strong backs and legs to the task.


We reverse waterfalled the items up the steps with DH handing the crate to DS who moved up a couple of steps and handed the items to DD, who in turn moved up a couple more steps and handed the item to me.  I shoved it into the storage closet or over into the larger area of the loft.


Said storage closet prior to being piled full of “stuff”.


In preparation for organizing the closet and the entire Loft Studio, I emptied the closet of its crates and piled them into the Loft Studio.  The picture below shows the task ahead of me… organizing the “pile” and placing some of it back into the closet.  First, I will set up some portable shelving units.  Actually, after settling the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms and the rest of the house, I am looking forward to working in my Loft Studio!

Hopefully, I can begin working in the Loft Studio next week.  There are still a few smaller tasks on the main floor of the house that need attention.  We are enjoying our new home very much!

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7 thoughts on “Loft Studio Set Up Begins….

  1. I need to get busy too, no bike yet but am hoping for one as a birthday present in a few weeks. Allen rides the trail often, great resource! Talk again later!


  2. I purchased several back issues of Studio Magazine… which I guess I should peruse before beginning this step of the process. I do plan to organize my one big pile into several smaller ones. Lyric Kinard suggested that I put my stash into a color wheel…. that will organize it by color and also show where I am lacking in certain colors. Either way, I think this first time will be enjoyable…. just wouldn’t want to have to do it again and again to get it right, so I will follow your advice and think it through. Still working downstairs today…. if I ever get started, that is. They are pouring cement on the house next door and the one across the street today. It is fun to watch! See you soon….


    1. Fabric sorting is fun. I have cubbies and separated batiks, hand dye and novelty prints and then sorted the rest by color. Didn’t store by color wheel tho, good idea. My craft closet hosts too many UFOs in storage containers, need to purge. And then there are those embellishments, button collection, did I mention finished quilts, patterns, books, current projects (multiples), magazines, lots. Oh yes, the yarn, home dec fabrics……


      1. OK. I love writing back and forth, but I promise myself I will get to work as soon as I write this! =-)
        I like that you mentioned separating types of fabric into broad categories before sorting into colors. I do have some UFOs, but I have finished a number of them during our apartment stay of 22 months. It gave me something to do!! I know I have a place for a couple of the UFOs in this house, so now I am eager to get them finished. Now off to work! Do you ride bike? Love the American Tobacco Bike/Walk trail so close by.


    1. Yes I can. A word from the wise, think it through first and then put things away. I have/had so much room I just “put it away” and now have stacks everywhere. Just bought a book on studio organization and am about to reorganize. No fun.


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