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Blogger Award…

Thank you, Andrea, (I Love Schnauzers), for including me in this award.

I’m glad that I passed this blogging habit on to you as we can enjoy communicating with each other and “whoever” is out there in the world who wants to read our stories.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Ms. D’s adventures, just as much as I enjoy watching her antics in person.  You should never be concerned about your writing skills… your descriptions of what Ms D. is doing are quite entertaining and well told!

My blog is not about animals, but about creating fiber and quilted artwork ~ at which I am a novice, but enjoying myself, nonetheless.  The one connection I have to animals is that I like to use wool – felting it and creating handbags and embellishments for other fiber objects.

Now, to fully accept this award, I must share seven things about myself.

1. I am retired and have just moved into a new house.

2. The Loft Studio is where I spend a lot of time as it is where I make art!

3. Exercise involves lots of walking with my husband, 3 times a week-hour long-aquatics exercise class; and riding my bike along the American Tobacco Trail which runs nearby our house.

4. My favorite TV shows are “The Good Wife” and “The View”, but I don’t spend much time watching TV.

5. I have lived in 10 states and moved 20 times – Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota again after 40 years living elsewhere, and now North Carolina.  Favorite?  Hawaii, of course, but North Carolina takes a close second along with California where we spent 25 years.

6. I taught school for 25 years – grades 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.  I also trained teachers in Thematic Instruction and Reading/Writing strategies.  Great fun!  Hard Work!

7. The last four years of my career, I administered technology use in three elementary schools in Davis School District in Utah.  Great fun!  Hard Work!

I would like to pass this exciting award on to some favorite blogs that I follow.  I will understand if they do not participate in this award activity as several of them are professional bloggers who are busy teaching classes and inspiring all of us to read and learn and make art!

Artist Holiday by Hannah Koch.  Hannah’s creativity is fun to read about.  She creates fabric and designs as well has passing her creativity on through the Vacation Bible School at her church.  I love reading all about the activities on her blog.

Janeville by Jane La Fazio.  Jane is a professional artist/teacher who also spends part of her time sharing her creativity with children.  She is an inspiration to me!  How I would have loved to have her in my community when I was teaching.  I am hoping to try to connect with a classroom in my area to provide the same type of creative extension for the children.

Annie’s Keepsakes by Vickie Clontz.   Vickie introduced me to wool felting… she doesn’t know it, but I was in one of her classes and learned to love the wool felting process after creating a wool felted flower.

Lil Fish Studios by Lisa Jordan.  I follow this blog because I love the beautiful little felted creations Lisa creates.  Check it out.  You will love it too.

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