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Color Wheel Exercise…

As I sort through my fabrics and organize them, I am creating a color wheel of sorts with each batch.  With the photo I take, I will have a quick check of which colors are low in stock.  However, I am not a “stash” maker.  I buy fabrics as I need them for projects.  But this will be a good check for me to see if I have a color needed before I head to the quilt shop.

I organized the folded fabric with the shades to the inside, the truer colors in the middle and the tints to the outside of the wheel.  It was an interesting exercise.  I thought that because there were so many colors mixed together in some of the fabrics, that I would not be able to place the fabric in one spot on the color wheel.  If that happened I stacked those colors to the side.  As it turned out, I usually could place the fabric on the color wheel quite quickly.  I liked this exercise.  I used Art + Quilt and Susan Stein’s Textile Art as references.  I also checked the color web site links, but didn’t find them useful for this exercise.

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