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21 degrees…. really?

For all of the “Off the Wall Friday” folks, I am on a family business trip to Minnesota for a few days, and was greeted by 21 degree temperatures this morning.  Since my rented car didn’t have an ice scraper, I used my credit card to get the ice off the windshield at 8AM!  It all just adds to the adventure.  When I return home to North Carolina on Sunday, the adventure “A Thread Runs Through It!” – our Durham Orange Quilt Show at the American Tobacco Campus begins.  I’m volunteering to help with the set up and the hanging of the quilts.  I have never attended it, since I am new here, but I have 4 quilts/items entered and will be giving a demonstration on Saturday at 3PM.  The demo will show how I assemble my corded purses.  Before I left home, I quickly made one little sample for the demo called Corded Patchy Clutch (12″ square), so that is my “Off the Wall Friday” contribution today.  When I get home, I will quickly add the handles/straps which will fold down into the clutch to make it easy to carry either way.  These purses truly are quilts because there is wool batting (of a sort =-) wrapped in each fold.  Making totes and purses with my corded method is my way to relax…. like some have mentioned they enjoy traditional quilting for  the same purpose.  As I fly back and forth to MN, I have been writing up the pattern on my trusty iBook laptop, crunched into the center seat on a Southwest Jet.  Life’s good!  Click here if you want to see some of my other Purses and Totes from over the years.  Now I will muster up the courage to venture forth again…. the sun is out, so it has probably warmed up …. all the way into the 30s!

Moving on…..  have a good day!

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