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Off the Wall Fridays and Project Linus

With the Christmas frenzy engulfing so many, I am quietly enjoying making some donation quilts for Project Linus which provides quilts to children in need.  And now, the news filters through that there is a tragedy unfolding at a Connecticut elementary school. How can we possibly make enough quilts to comfort so many children in need?  Just keep sewing.  This set of 3 or 4 is designed for young boys so if you look closely – double click, you will see some pirates!  Merry, merry to all, but keep those families in need in your prayers.

Quilt 2Linus Project
Quilt 2
Linus Project

7 thoughts on “Off the Wall Fridays and Project Linus

  1. Hi, Marit. Stopped by to enjoy your blog–I’m really liking your lovely purses and bags. Marvelous variety and beautiful, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! And have a happy holiday season.
    best, nadia


  2. ohhh you’ve given me a good idea – get together some quilty friends for a Christmas sew session for quilts for the linus project. sounds like a nice break from commercial Christmas! Blessings and prayers of the Season to you!


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