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Back in Stitches… soon

Painting on the hibiscus quilt is complete, so it will soon be pressed to heat set the paint.  I painted the leaves and added some background colors this week – copper around the center and a pale yellow around the blossoms to hopefully add the effect of sunshine.  Any additional color will come from the stitching – including both thread painting and quilting.  I am eager to return to “stitch” instead of “paint”!  The direction it will take is in my head, but not drawn out or organized yet.  Most likely, I will not sketch it out very much, since it will be mostly echo quilted.  Some of the lines in the center may need to be aligned prior to stitching.  It could be the size of a queen-size quilt, but may end up more of a wall art size… stay tuned.  Drop by at Off the Wall Fridays to see what others are doing this week!


6 thoughts on “Back in Stitches… soon

  1. I love the colors and design of this piece. I’m anxious to see how it turns out once you quilt it. Very much enjoy your blog!


  2. Hi Mary, I didn’t know who muniqueblog was at first. I finally figured it out. Thanks for all your comments. I LOVE your blog. You are such an artist as well as a quilter. Whenever I see what you’re up to, I’m so impressed! Ingrid


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