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The Linus Project #5

Finally completed the fifth quilt for the Linus Project.  I started working on five little quilts in December and thought I would get them all finished then.  So….. now they are done.  I’ll do more later in the year again.  It was fun, not at all difficult or time consuming.  I just was distracted by other projects.  It is the first project completed on the mid-arm quilter.



I didn’t take the photo straight on, so it looks less than rectangular, but it really is quite accurately squared at the corners and is about 42″ wide by 25″ high.


us4 us3 us2 us1

6 thoughts on “The Linus Project #5

  1. That’s wonderful! Of course I love maps. This is so great. The mountains look three dimensional. Are they? As I always say – you are exceptionally talented. 🙂


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