Look for the Light!

Travel has taken me away from my usual life in the Loft Studio.  This is a good thing!  DH (Darling Hubby) and I have traveled for 22 days in France and Germany, and will soon venture back to Minnesota to visit friends and family for a few days.  After that, life in the Loft Studio will return full force.  The LS is organized with new projects ready to go, cleaned, and awaits painting (the walls type) when we return from MN.  The furniture  has been rearranged “one more time”, nail holes in the walls have been filled, and I have worked at completing some “other” sewing… the usual adaptations of clothing that never fits quite right.

As I wondered (and wandered) about how to get back into blogging, I came across this wonderful video – “it’s all about the light” says Karen Walrond, author of  The Beauty of Different: Observations of a Confident Misfit.  In this short video, she uses photography and travel stories which support the story she tells in her book.  She talks as a photographer and how light is the basis for successful photography (and I say all “art”).  She talks about travel and the connectedness we strive to find with the new places we see.  Watch the video as an artist and a traveler, but of course, also as a philosopher, as she takes her photographic expertise a bit further and applies the same constructs to her travel observations and to her life in general.  It is so worth watching!  Click on the link above, sit back, and relax while you watch and learn.  It will only take 15 minutes ~ and Lord knows, it will relieve your stress! :>}

Sunlight reflected through the M.S. Bizet window as we cruise away from Paris. Photography by M. Ritter

Sunlight reflected through the M.S. Bizet window as we cruise away from Paris. Photography by M. Ritter via iPad

Light reflected on raindrops on the windshield of the bus, along with the blurred lights in the tunnel.

Light reflected on raindrops on the windshield of the bus, along with the blurred lights in the tunnel.
Photography by M. Ritter via iPad.

Now that I’m back into blogging, the next blogs will focus on a new project which will go into my Memoir Collection, but I also will begin to insert some of the inspirations from our travels… the Travel Collection needs to begin to take form.  It is good to be back!

Click on the tiny gray “Leave a Comment” or “#Comments” at the very bottom of the message to respond.  I like to hear your observations…. this time, especially about what you gleaned from the video.  “I am wildly convinced that you are uncommonly beautiful!”

About muniqueblog

Wife, mother, retired educator, emerging artist. Mary has lived in 10 states and enjoyed them all ~ Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota (return), North Carolina with long term visits to Colorado and Arizona. She likes to travel and create textile art. She has exhibited at the Page-Walker Art Gallery and History Center in Cary, North Carolina; Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg ArtIst Center, Spartanburg, GA; Durham-Orange Quilt Show; Minnesota Quilt Show; the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.
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3 Responses to Look for the Light!

  1. Dee Ann Costello says:

    Enjoyed the video by Karen Walrond about “Looking to the Light”. You did a super job of looking into the light in Paris and in the tunnel.


  2. Amy Takaoka Losordo (quilter) says:

    Here is a link to get your Evite for the Sept. 14 lu’au. http://www.hawaiiclubnc.org/

    I’m helping with the Lomi Lomi Salmon on Friday night in preparation for Saturday’s lu’au. The pig is going in the imu Friday night…yummy. Hope to see you folks there so we can catch up and have FUN!

    Aloha Amy


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