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Farm Home completed…

Late July and most of August sped by as I worked on the newest addition to my Memoir Collection.  Take a look!  It is called Farm Home, but see if you can catch the story told by all of the activity.

Click on each picture for a larger view.

Created in August 2013. The Farm Home is centered on the house, but the story it tells is about all of the activity. A girl swings, the laundry is on the line, a girl reads under a tree, a boy works on his fort in the woods, a girl carries a pail towards the flooded creek, a boy drifts down the flooded creek on his homemade raft, a man drives a tractor, a woman sweeps the steps, a child picks a flower while another child is climbing up the side of the silo. All of these things occurred at some point in and around the three generations that have occupied this farm home since 1946. Measures 42″ high by 44″ wide. Not for sale.
The sky, grass, creek and driveway were painted on fabric using Seta Color opaque paints. Machine appliqué, machine embroidery and machine quilting.

2013-8FarmHomeDET1 2013-8FarmHomeDET2 2013-8FarmHomeDET3 2013-8FarmHomeDET4


7 thoughts on “Farm Home completed…

  1. Mary, This turned out awesome. Mom loves it. It was neat to see how you did all that stitching to enhance each item. The barn and the house are really great keepsakes.


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