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PAQA-S AngelTree-Smith
Angel Tree by Patricia Smith, ARTQUILTSFreezeFrame

Carolina Weekend (click here) on UNC TV featured the “ARTQUILTSfreezeframe” Exhibit this weekend.  The exhibit is now showing at Page-Walker Art Gallery in Cary, NC through October 20.  The photography is excellent and the quilts they chose to feature are some of my favorites.  If you can’t get down to see the exhibit, click on the link for a bit of the flavor of the show.

PAQA-S My Bluegrass Roots-Lenz
My Bluegrass Roots by Susan Lenz
ARTQUILTSFreezeFrame at Page-Walker Art Gallery, Cary NC

“The Angel Tree” by Pat Smith, above, won the Member Artists’ Favorite, and “My Bluegrass Roots”, the digital photograph on cloth of a couple placed against an antique blue and white quilt, was chosen as the Gallery Favorite.

PAQA-S LifeGoesOnCorregidorIsland-Braun2 copy
Life Goes On: Corregidor Island
by Christine Hager-Braun
Page-Walker Art Gallery, Cary, NC

Christine Hager-Braun and Nanette S. Zeller were interviewed about the processes they used in creating their art.  Christine told me that she used a tweezer to place the orange leaves on her piece entitled “Life Goes On: Corregedor Island”

PAQA-S Fire Line-Zeller
Fire Line by Nanette S. Zeller
ARTQUILTSfreezeframe Exhibit
Page-Walker Art Gallery, Cary, NC

Nanette S. Zeller created a piece that also was a favorite to me.  She entitled it “Fire Line”, and the brilliant sun shining through the trees could not escape being seen throughout the gallery.

The quilt I have in the exhibit is “Flat Top Manor”, Moses Cone’s mansion located in Blowing Rock, NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

by Mary Ritter:  Moses Cone Memorial Park, Flat Top Manor on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, NC
by Mary Ritter: Moses Cone Memorial Park, Flat Top Manor on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, NC
ARTQUILTSfreezeframe, Page-Walker Art Gallery, Cary, NC

It was so interesting to meet the other artists who make up PAQA-South (Professional Art Quilters Alliance).  The southeast regional contingent to SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Association) also gathered that weekend, as there are many artists who are members of both groups, including me.  We had the artists’ reception on September 27, and meetings on the following two days.  Now it’s back to work in the Loft Studio with work progressing on wall quilts to use in our newly painted master bedroom.  Never a dull moment!  (Appended entry:  Moses Cone Flat Top Manor has since been sold!)

2 thoughts on “ARTQUILTSfreezeframe

  1. Absolutely love this quilt. Visited the Moses B. Cone home many times with family. What a haven for artist. You are truly an exquiste artist. Love the tote, my favorite bag.


    1. Thanks Pat. I’m glad you are enjoying the tote bag. I had a good time making them. The Moses B. Cone home is now open for tours throughout the house. I am eager to get back there to see it. I sold this piece to a member of the Cone family this week, so I hope it has a very happy home!


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