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Thanksgiving Traditions – Food!

Our Norwegian tradition is to make lefse which we describe to newbies as a flour tortilla, except that it is made with “potatoes”, butter and flour.  I’ve put together a tutorial for those family friends and California Cousins who want to try making lefse.  (Just a brief change from quilting.)


1. Start by boiling a dozen or so large potatoes until they are soft enough to mash.  I cut them into quarters or eighths so they cook more quickly.  Mash them with 16 T of margarine and 2 T butter, along with 1 and 3/4 cup of evaporated milk.  If they are not of a sticky gooey consistency, add a few instant potato flakes to thicken the mixture.  You want it a bit thicker than you would for just mashed potatoes.

2. Then, rice the potatoes to remove any lumps.  We use a ricer (see picture), but perhaps a food processor would also work.

3. Mix 3 cups of riced potatoes with 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 T sugar, and 1 and 1/2 cups of flour.  Work with your hands until you form a loaf.  Now you are ready to look at the pictures and follow the directions from that point.  Repeat the recipe until you have used all of the potatoes.  This usually makes enough for 3 loaves, but since the size of the potatoes may vary, it is difficult to predict.  Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Traditions – Food!

  1. Al and I made Lefse yesterday. We love doing it and it’s best fresh off the griddle. I like to add cinnamon to the sugar. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Hi to Al! Happy munching! We used tapioca and non-gluten flour in order to keep it grain-free for Andrea. Tastes pretty good, but we’ll need to tweak some more on the next batch.


  2. What a perfect example how traditions are so important – they keep families together and husbands helping. So much history to pass on as well as all that talent. Looks so delicious I doubt if I could wait ’til they’re cooled off before eating. Nice to know I have such a talented neighbor – whether quilting or cooking, a masterpiece is always created!!


  3. Mary,
    This looks very helpful for any beginner. I made gluten free lefse today with rice flour for Troy and Lisa. It’s better for all of us. I used red potatoes and they are so flavorful. I haven’t made lefse for over 10 years. It was kinda fun but I didn’t have any good helpers like you have. Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. Andrea and I do enjoy doing it. I need to tweak our grain-free recipe as the lefse is sort of dry, but a few seconds in the microwave cures that. Enjoy yours! I think I’ll try my hand at rosettes this year. Haven’t made those for a while, but Andrea is a pro at it. I want to find the deep irons for them first.


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