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Forgive the Password…

On my post from yesterday, I have a password that only my daughter knows.  I am designing a quilt for her, and I posted a bunch of options for her to consider.  I’ll open that information up once we are further into the process.  It’s just easier than sending photos by email or getting together for a face to face session.  Pardon my password security for now, please.

Meanwhile, before I send “Home Farm” and “Watch Out Below” off to Knoxville, TN for a quilt show display, I am making some changes and additions to them.  I attended a critique session during the PAQA-South Conference last weekend.  What an eye-opener!  I brought “Home Farm” and “Watch Out Below” to show to the artists so they could give me advice on what was working and was not working.  First of all, they thought that “Home Farm” reminded them of Grandma Moses, which I thought was a great compliment because I do want it to have a folk art quality.  Then they gave me pointers on how I could improve the work.  The artists there were gentle, but still so talented at showing me how I could improve both pieces.  Once I get the alterations completed, I’ll show some side-by-side pictures so you can see the changes and appreciate the differences.  Meanwhile… off to The Loft Studio to get to work!!!  DH is off golfing so I have a day to play!

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