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A modern styled table runner…..

After watching an episode of The Quilt Show, I had to try the easy piecing pattern demonstrated by Tula Pink, modern quilter and fabric designer.  Here is the result… a day brightener after so many cloudy spring days – a double-wide table runner with a traditional 9-patch in the center to pull it together.  Luckily, this week the skies have cleared and we are having wonderful, warm sunshine…. so the pool will beckon.  I’ll have to get an early start up in The Loft Studio so I can spare some pool time in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, I’m also waiting on a gardener to come and plant the azalea garden under the sunroom windows… lots of “waiting” for him to fit me into his busy schedule.  Hoping today is the day! Modern Table Runner2 Modern Table Runner1

5 thoughts on “A modern styled table runner…..

  1. I like that — and in the pictures it almost has the look of the old style “rag” rug. But probably a lot lighter and easier to handle. Colorful to go with lots of different sets of dishes (fitting for your use!) Rainy and cold here today — but hope this finds a sunny day for you folks (with no thunderstorms too)


  2. Well…looks like I was entered as anonymous…it’s me, Dee Ann. Have the iPad now, so somethings have changed.


    1. I sort of know that anonymous is you, but I’m glad you came back to say hello. The azaleas and hydrangeas were planted yesterday… two of my favorite plants. The azaleas got a bit dry and challenged by the time the gardener got them in the ground, but there is new growth, so they’ll soon be pretty again. How are things in Texas? Any new travel plans? Where have you been? You’ll love the iPad for traveling… great pictures and easy to connect. Would love to hear your news in regular email. We’re just enjoying being settled here and getting involved with neighbors and community again.


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