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Summer Project Completed!


Since I wrote the last post, I have been steadily working on a queen-size  bed spread   for my daughter.  It has been a larger scale project than I usually undertake, but I am happy with the results.  It is pictured here in my bedroom with the purplish colored walls…. her soft cocoa walls will set it off much better.  In the pictures below, more or less for my own journal, a step by step process is detailed.  Feel free to click away to more interesting content online if this does not interest you. 😮

Computer generated overall plan using swatches of the fabric which were scanned and placed into a design on my computer until found the best plan.
The cutting and piecing of both the top layer and backing layer were done in three sections as shown on the bed.  Before assembling the three units, I outline quilted them with the basic details.
Quilting Design Fill7
Computer designed quilting pattern that I devised after trying many other options
The quilting stopped short of the seam allowance on one adjoining section so that I could trim away the batting, pin back the back seam allowance, and attach the top seam allowance to the next quilted section without catching the back seam allowance.  Then I flipped the sections over, folded the back seam allowance’s edge under and hand stitched the seam.
Details the backing seam allowance folded under and ready to hand stitch on the back.
Here all three sections are joined and outline quilted. The sashing has been pieced, quilted and attached.  I am creating extra length so the top edge of the quilt can be folded back under the pillows or can fold  under and then over the pillows. Prior to attaching the side sections of the quilt, the detail quilting was completed on a home machine… not a long arm.  I use a Janome Memory Craft 6600 which has a slightly larger harp area, and this panel fit quite easily and was not difficult to quilt.  Had I not done the quilt in 9 panels/sections, the quilting would have been quite laborious.
This shows the back side which is a piecing of scraps leftover  from piecing the top. This had to be pieced into three sections that would fit on the top three sections already shown before any quilting could begin.
Contrast block with quilting
Light Block with quilting – quilting definitely has a home stitched quality as the stitching is not generated by a computer, but is hand-guided.
4 square section with sashing
4 square section with sashing
The drop down panels, left, right and end sections, were each layered and quilted separately and then attached to the main quilt. I left the end section until last and it extended across each side drop down panel as well as the width of the top panel. All of the drop down sections/panels were quilted in parallel lines that proceed down towards the floor approximately 1 inch apart.
Drop down section quilting pattern and quilted binding
Drop down section quilting pattern and quilted binding
Notice the unfinished seam on the folded back top. The hand stitching had not yet been completed. The detailed stitching on the top pieced panel was completed prior to attaching the drop down panels.
The completed quilt and a close up of the detailed quilting. A 3 inch quilted binding was added last in one long attachment around the perimeter of the quilt.  Pillowcases shown below, were completed from the left over fabric.  The remaining scraps are very few!

  10ARCloseUp 11ARPillowcases

Partial label
Partial label above the binding on the backside.

3 thoughts on “Summer Project Completed!

  1. Yes, I LOVE it! Mom has the eye for colors and patterns. I hadn’t realized all the steps that went into this masterpiece. Looks like I need to get going knitting you some more socks! 🙂


  2. You certainly didn’t waste time creating another masterpiece. It’s just beautiful! The pattern, details, and the soft colors all come together perfectly. I’m sure your daughter will display it with pride and think of it as a family treasure. I know she appreciates all the love sewn in it.
    I could not imagine what you’re creating in your loft right now – can’t wait to see it.


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