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“ARTQUILTS~connections”- current show by PAQA-South

If you have a chance to get to the Page Walker Art and History Center before November 16, you will see PAQA-South‘s most recent show, ARTQUILTSconnections. This link to the show’s Facebook page will give you an idea of what you will see. My piece is on the far left in this photo and located in the second floor gallery. Treat yourself! Spend an hour or so in the Page Walker gallery and enjoy these “connections” depicted in cloth by the local members of Professional Art Quilter’s Alliance-South.

4 thoughts on ““ARTQUILTS~connections”- current show by PAQA-South

    1. Yes. I will be released to get out and about this Friday. I would like to get down there to see it, and if you want to see it while you are here, all the better! The gallery is in downtown Cary which is similar to downtown Battle Lake… an old historic downtown.


  1. Your piece is outstanding. Looks like it found the perfect spot for everyone to enjoy. A well-deserved honor.
    Congratulations once more!!


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