Two new pieces completed….

After a long period of resting and recuperating from knee replacement surgery (just the right one, not both), I have finally made it up into The Loft Studio to complete one project that I had started prior to my hiatus, and a second piece for an approaching juried show.

The Hydrangea piece, seen below, has been my experiment, my chance to try some new skills and fabrics. The background is pieced in a random fashion with very little planning. The hydrangea blossoms and leaves are machine appliquéd and machine embroidered. The fabrics include batiks, organza, silk and tulle. It is quite large, about 3′ wide by 5′ high.  It will hang in the master bedroom suite soon.


The Professional Art Quilters Alliance-South (PAQA-South) has announced its 12th juried exhibition of innovative quilts:  ARTQUILTSreminisce  to be held from April 22 – June 21, 2015 at Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, NC.  I completed my newest entry and applied to be juried into the show. Those juried into the show will not be announced until March 18, but I wanted to share it here now.  It is called:

Solitude: Snow in Winter and Church on Sunday.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Nothing could have been more reminiscent of my childhood in Minnesota than snow in winter and church on Sunday. This studio art panel combines the two in a folk art scene which is one of the styles I enjoy. Commercial fabrics are combined with artist printed fabric, 100% cotton and a variety of fabric from my stash. Superior Threads – cotton polyester and silk. Machine pieced and quilted.

The poem “The Way It Is” by William Stafford surrounds the center scene.                   There’s a thread you follow.                                                                                                              It goes among things that change.                                                                                                  But it doesn’t change.                                                                                                                People wonder about what you are pursuing.                                                                          You have to explain the thread.                                                                                                     But it is hard for others to see.                                                                                                  While you hold it you can’t get lost.                                                                                      Tragedies happen; people get hurt or die;                                                                                      and you suffer and get old.                                                                                                      Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.                                                                                     You don’t ever let go of the thread.

William Stafford, “The Way It Is” from Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems. Copyright © 1998, 2014 by the Estate of William Stafford.  Used by the permission of The Permissions Company, Inc. on behalf of Graywolf Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the William Stafford Family Trust.

I also entered “Fall Frenzy: Watch Out Below” and “Farm Home: Where My Journey Began”, works completed during 2014.

About muniqueblog

Wife, mother, retired educator, emerging artist. Mary has lived in 10 states and enjoyed them all ~ Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota (return), North Carolina with long term visits to Colorado and Arizona. She likes to travel and create textile art. She has exhibited at the Page-Walker Art Gallery and History Center in Cary, North Carolina; Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg ArtIst Center, Spartanburg, GA; Durham-Orange Quilt Show; Minnesota Quilt Show; the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.
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4 Responses to Two new pieces completed….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love both beauties! Glad you are up in the loft again and creating.


  2. Anonymous says:

    They are both magnificent !! You are truly a great artist with fantastic ideas so beautifully transported onto fabrics for everyone to enjoyed, Amazing colors, patterns and details that are so beautifully mingled and intertwined. Mary, you certainly have all the qualities and talents to keep producing more and more breath-taking quilts. They are all award winning !!!
    Love them both – and to think you we’re recuperating from surgery when they were completed.
    You house is now officially a gallery of art…..


  3. muniqueblog says:

    Thanks for your supportive comments. I know how artistic you are, so I value your input! I did email you at your yahoo address. You’ll have to let me know if that one is still active. Your comments here come into my yahoo email, but for privacy you can just send directly there.


  4. Mary, I love to see your work. It’s so beautiful and personal! Please email me. I sent a snail mail card, but it came back.


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