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Sewing Box – an antique still serving its purpose!

Sewing BoxIn the mid-1950s, my mother had a neighbor craftsman build sewing boxes for my sister and me as a present for our December birthdays. The lid of the box had wooden handles that held scissors and a black hexagon shaped felt piece to serve as a pin cushion. The felt has solidified over the years so I have added several pin cushions held in place with velcro which probably didn’t exist in those days. The lower box has spindles along each edge to hold spools of thread and a wooden holder designed for 2 thimbles. It continues to sit beside my sewing machine, lid always open, with everything I might need right at hand. There are many more sewing tools available now, including a magnetic pin dish, so it is loaded to its hinges! The sewing box has served its purpose for more years than I care to calculate!


6 thoughts on “Sewing Box – an antique still serving its purpose!

  1. I think I eventually had one too…….maybe I should it back in service too 🙂 I used to love going to his little shop and play with all the curly shavings of wood.


  2. Tom Dagle made that box, I spent a many hours in his little shop watching him in amazement in what he could do. It was the beginning of my love for woodworking.


    1. Yes. I remember Tom quite well too. He made beautiful things….was it in the basement of his house that he had the workshop? Can you believe how overloaded it is?


      1. Tom’s shop was in that little building that Kristi and Kelly had for a play house, it is still there grandchildren play in it now.


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