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First Day Challenges in Madrid … Transport, Money, Sleep, Food!

The first day in a new country always presents interesting challenges. We were pleased that we connected uneventfully at the Newark airport with our travel companions, Al and Ingrid. The flight pushed back from the gate on time, flew quietly over the Atlantic with most of its patrons sleeping peacefully. After a taxi ride and a short rest, we ventured forth to get a noon meal. All of Spain takes a siesta from 2-5Pm, with the big meal eaten prior. The exchange rate is about even, so figuring the cost isn’t too difficult. The biggest challenge is figuring out the menu! Here are some examples from the Tapas Bar where we ate a small lunch.

If you sit at the bar you order from this menu, or just point at the already prepared plate that you prefer. Pointing sure takes the hassle out of trying to translate when you are hungry. BTW, the first one on the list is scrambled eggs with potatoes and Spanish ham. Not exotic at all!
If you order from this menu, you must sit at a table in the cafe. $$$


On our way back for our much needed siestas, we wandered through a market place (mercado). We are all looking forward to having a kitchen in a few days.


Frutas… Yum! A few we didn’t recognise. We learned quite quickly that we aren’t supposed to “touch” as it disturbs the beautiful presentation.
We all love fish, so the recipe files will be needed or enhanced,when we try preparing some of these.
Is there anyone who can bypass a bakery?


Pan, meaning bread, seems simple enough until you try to decipher the list. Then again, educated guesses on some of these can be pretty accurate. Semilla .. wheat?  3 quesas..three cheeses? What else can you see?


All’s well .. Nothing like some capuchino and tiramisu.
That ends well! A cremed filled pastry and a berry/chocolate tarte.

















Now for a siesta and then an evening at the Prada. Sometime soon, I think we will all crash for a long rest, but for now, we’re going to go for it!

3 thoughts on “First Day Challenges in Madrid … Transport, Money, Sleep, Food!

  1. Since it’s hard to read the menu, I guess you’ll just have to order everything! Can’t imagine any wrong choice…What a “delicious” start to a wonderful vacation. Time to rest until snack time.

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