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Ronda Views


Photo by Norm Ritter We awoke to a beautiful purple sunrise.
Photo by Norm Ritter

Thursday, March 26: This day we set forth to travel via Renfe, Spain’s train system, to Ronda, one of Andulucia’s White Hill Towns (los puebloes cerro blanco). We walked a quarter mile to the metro and rode into Malaga, about a 25 minute ride, where we caught the train to Ronda. It was a beautifully scenic ride. Highlights were groves of orange trees, lemon trees, and olive trees, along with river gorge hikers and rock climbers, fields of wind turbines and an array of solar panels. It made for a stunning mixture of old with new. We passed grain storage facilities and a cement plant while listening to the announcement for each village as the train slowed to a short stop, first in Spanish and then in English, always preceded by the destination: Rrrrrronda! Next Stop – Proxima parada … One of the following villages- Cartama, Pizarra, ‘Alora, Las Mellizas, El Chorro, Bobadillo, Capillos, Almargen-Cañete, La Real, Rrrrronda! At Bobadillo, not being able to make the hairpin turn to Ronda, the engineer put it in reverse towards Ronda. Luckily, there were empty seats facing in the now forward direction, so we could be comfortable, as needed.

Loaded with oranges. We see them where we wlk to Torrmolinos and Malaga also, along with lemons and mandarin oranges. The blossoms smell so sweet.
Loaded with oranges. We see them where we walk in Torremolinos and Malaga also, along with lemons and mandarin oranges. The blossoms smell so sweet.

Upon arrival, we made our way to the overview of the Gaudalevin River Gorge along which Ronda nestles. We walked along the gorge pathway to see the magnificent views while listening to the music of a harpist who had situated herself in a lovely gazebo.

The gazebo with the harpist…. notice the extended ledge to the left with people standing on it.


Taken with my iPod

The ravine, called El Tajo, is 360 feet deep and 220 feet wide. The 18th century bridge pictured, the New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) built from 1751-1791, replaces the Old Bridge (Puente Viejo), which was built in 1735 and fell down after only six years. It is a wonder to see.

Taken from my iPod -El Tajo Ravine with pueblos blancos.

Ronda’s history includes eras of rule by the Romans (mythology), the Moors (Islam, Moslems), and Christans (Catholocism). The New Bridge separates the old Moorish town and architecture from the new town development. The picture above shows the new town.

Photo by Norm Ritter – the sundecks of Don Miguel Hotel, Ronda, España

From the bridge we looked down into the multi-tiered sundecks of the Don Miguel restaurant and hotel. It seemed like the perfect place for a light lunch and a glass of wine.

Photo by Ingrid Molde:  seated at the Don Miguel Sundeck restaurant overlooking El Tajo Gorge, Ronda, España.

The other point of interest that we had time to visit was The Plaza de Toros bull ring. Here both Ernest Hemmingway and Orson Welles spent many months over several years.

Photo by Norm Ritter -El Torro
Photo by Norm Ritter -The  Matador

Bullfighting was developed by King Phillip ll to train the knights in the 16th century. Francisco (the father) and Juan (the son) Romero developed the bullfight into the cultural event seen in modern Spain today. Pedro Romero (the grandson) was one of Spain’s greatest matadors, killing nearly 6000 bulls during his career.

Panoramic photo by Norm Ritter – the most significant bull ring in Spain – “(Real Maestranza de Caballería de Ronda)” Excerpt From: Steves, Rick. “Rick Steves Spain 2015.” Avalon Travel, 2014. iBooks.

After some beverages, we headed back to the train to reverse our morning ride. Prior to leaving in the morning, we waited for the train in the Orient Express Cafe. Ingrid and I enjoyed translating the poem (below) which was stenciled on their wall. Enjoy!

 Nuestra receta para ser feliz
Our recipe for happiness
2kg de abrazos
2kg of hugs
3kg de besos
3kg of kisses
4kg de paciencia
4kg of patience
1 pizca de locura
1 pinch of madness
Siete cucharadas soperas de mimos
Seven tablespoons of pampering
Agitar todo con mucho amor
Shake it all with much love
Y servir todos los dias
And serve everyday.
¡Buen viajes!!!!
Good Travels!!!!

if you are on Face book, you might want to check for Norm Ritter’s and Ingrid Molde’s pages where you will find more frequent photos with comments from them.

7 thoughts on “Ronda Views

  1. Your magnificent pictures say it all. What a mixture of culture and beauty set against a beautiful back drop ( you and Norm included). Looks like you’re capturing all the wonderful sites there are to visit and enjoying every minute. What stories and memories to bring home!! Enjoy the rest of your time in Spain and the history of your surroundings.
    All is well here in our simple little village…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for letting me know that you are out there. We are glad to hear that all is well in our little village. It seems like we have been gone a long time as we stay so busy… But it’s only been 10 days.


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