Torremolinos… 2 more days

Today and tomorrow are the last two days we will spend in Torremolinos, Andulucia, Spain before moving to Valencia, Spain for a month. After shooting out from here to Malaga (3 day trips), Ronda (1 day trip), Estepona (7 days), Gibralter (1 day trip), Seville (2 day trip), and Granada (3 day trip), we are all finding things we would still like to do, or places we would like to EAT!!! So after doing a bit of laundry and starting a bit of packing in the morning, Norm and I headed out on the Paseo Maritimo (walkway along the beach) to enjoy what has been our neighborhood for almost one month. Where has the time gone? When we are in town, we usually head out onto Carihuela Beach – a pleasant area of tourist shops and restaurants…. the area you see in this picture from our condo.

imageToday, we are heading in the other direction to walk a bit further than we have in the past.  Today we are going away from this area along the beach to the north. We didn’t get very far before seeing a sign for a tapa and drink for €2.50, so we stopped for lunch… I did say it was lunch time, didn’t I?

Time for some sun!

Time for some sun!

We have eaten at El Gato in the evening, so we placed an order, got some rays, and then…


took a selfie.. Of course.


Now our order arrives.. 2 beers and 2 tapas for €5. We will miss these prices, and the food is very tasty.


El Gato (The Cat) has a section of the beach where you  can rent a beach chair and umbrella. We find we get enough sun just walking on the Paseo Maritimo!


Not long before we find some sand carvers… This beast is a popular subject!


This topic is a new one! Clever!



This grill in a boat-shaped carrier is fired up for the mid-day service. From 1PM until around 3PM is the busiest, with some folks eating their mid-day meal at 4 or 5PM. Then businesses and stores will reopen until 8 or 9PM. The restaurants pull down their open-air doors until 7:30-8:00PM when they begin their dinner service which runs late into the night.

More beach umbrellas…


This little beach is called Hawaii Beach, and thev’e done a nice job of creating a Hawaiian welcome.


There is a welcoming park shaded by palm trees… Need to relax here tomorrow.


There is always a tree… Or a plant … That we wonder about. Might as well take a picture to see if we can I.D. it later.

Walking on…

imageThis is what I was hoping to find… Las Casas de Las Navajas! It is a museum and reception hall now, but was built in 1925 by its homeowner who donated it to the city. Unfortunately, it is closed for siesta until 6PM. One of the few frustrations of Spain… hours of business are very irregular. We decide to return at 6PM for a visit, and then go to dinner at El Gato. But first, we stop for gelato on our way back to enjoy siesta

Here is its story translated from Google:  The House of Knives is a property of the municipality of Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain, declared of Historical Interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía in 1991. It is a small residential palace, begun in 1925 by Antonio Navajas, entrepreneur from Churriana dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane in the land today that is occupied by the Málaga Airport. The property is situated on a cliff overlooking the beach of El Bajondillo and has two floors with balconies, with the ground floor for housing the family. His aesthetic corresponds to neomudéjar style that flourished in Spain-and particularly in the province of Malaga-late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, being inspired interior decoration by the Alhambra of Granada.

View from the front door

View from the front door


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  1. Wow! What a day and what a view! Are you not allowed to bring your own beach chairs or umbrellas, hence the rentals?

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