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Valencia, Oh Valencia!

OK! So we have been here four days and we are beginning to get our “Valencia legs”, and our “feet on the ground”! Al took the helm today, and did a good job of shepherding us around the city. That is not easy, even for a coach, when leading two elementary school teachers and one USAF Lt. Col. We decided to catch one of the city buses that roars down our street, Calle de Cadiz! Every 10 minutes! Speaking of our street… We have made quite a change from our oceanside condo to a busy city street in Spain’s third largest city.

2015-4-23, Valencia, Spain. Standing on our 3rd floor balcony and looking south down Calle de Cadizk
2015-4-23, Valencia, Spain. Standing on our 3rd floor balcony and looking north down Calle de Cadizk

As we sat in a corner cafe eating tapas and drinking cañas (small beers) last night, we noticed the #7 bus roaring past us every 10 minutes. Its lighted placard said it would take us to the central mercado-the large open air market downtown. Since he was up early, Al researched a bicycle rental near the central mercado, and today’s adventure was sealed. He led us from the bus stop through narrow streets between very tall old buildings, and we soon had four bikes rented, two with baskets, of course. Then we headed off, mostly on bike paths that are designated along the narrow streets, but closer to the sidewalks than the streets.

2015-4-23, Valencia, Spain. Norm, Al, Ingrid, Mary

Soon we were on a wide bike path along the Turia dry river bed where all sorts of amenities for the people have been built. We rode the bike path all the way to the Mediterranean coast, (10 miles round trip) to the beautiful beach near the ferris wheel that I wrote about last blog. In a little seaside cafe, we all ate paella, a dish for which Valencia is famous.

2015-4-23, Valencia, Spain. YUM! Calamari, shrimp, and calamari in safron-seasoned rice.

We rode near all of the Ciudad Arts and Sciences buildings that we had viewed from the Hop-on/Hop-Off bus tour Norm and I took  a couple of days ago.


I was able to get a snapshot of one of the horticultural buildings from a different perspective. You can see the beautiful cobalt blue and manganese ceramica that frequents Spanish design and architecture over the centuries, except this shows a modern usage.


Here are Al and Ingrid.


They stopped for a quick caña after our bike ride. I snapped a picture of them from our balcony! A pleasing end to another adventure in España!

5 thoughts on “Valencia, Oh Valencia!

    1. The small beers are perfect! Did I mention they are only 39 cents? The price is right. Can you see how tired I look in the paella picture? Actually, riding the bike felt so good. The only problem was putting my foot down when we stopped… The pressure then was tiring, but the peddling was easy. It is so much easier than the extensive walking that is frequently necessary, but we are starting to use the city buses, and Norm and I usually take city tours to get acquainted with the layout of things. Eager to cross paths again during the summer some time. Thanks for following and commenting on the blog. It is fun to get feedback.


      1. .39 now that is impressive…I stand totally corrected. Yes long walks are tiring. I walked 18 holes of golf for the first time since last August and it was tiring but not too bad…ha C

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