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Barcelona Day Three… Evening fun

After viewing sites on Montjuíc and a rest, we are off for one of the highlights of our visit… Casa Batlló, a house he redesigned in 1904. Two prominent elements of his life may have led to his famed architectural career. First, he was rheumatic as a child, so he spent many months each year studying nature’s form and structures. He didn’t copy them, but used the principles of the structure and designs in his creative, undefinable work. Second, he came from a family of boilermakers, so he worked with structure, form and space all of his life. Outside his youth, the iron frameworks for the construction of skyscrapers were in formation. Put it all together and perhaps you begin to understand his genious. Here are a few pictures to ponder. .

Casa Battló, located at Passeig de Gracias and Avunudo d’Arago, Barcelona, Catalon, Spain
Gaudi always includes a light well in the center of the house to allow light to flow throughout. The tile work at the top was dark, where there was more light. Lower down the tilework was lighter to reflect more light.


image image

Rooftop fun and beauty.. Chimney coverings… Broken tiles rearranged and the backside of the façade.
Backside of the façade
Broken tiles arranged into beautiful designs cover the chimneys. Sometimes these also held water in case of a fire.

We stayed in the area until nightfall so Norm could get some night shots when the house would be spotlighted. Then we walked down Passeig de Gracias to see the fountain at Centelles and …


the dual fountains at Plaça de Catalunya. They are very beautiful when lit in a variety of colors.


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