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SAQA Benefit Auction donation…

After spending two months exploring Spain, I’ve completed my first creative attempt to record that experience. We’ve been home only 10 days, and luckily, this piece was limited to 12″x12″ by the rules committee. I have many pictures from which to draw more ideas, but the work of Antonio Gaudì of Barcelona leant itself most easily to a fabric format. Here’s a peek. It is still en route to SAQA in New Mexico, but should arrive by the deadline tomorrow since it is already in Albuquerque. It is entitled “A La Gaudì” #1. Can’t wait to try more designs using his style as a guide. The online auction of pieces by international artists will begin September 18, but until then you can read about it at the SAQA website. To see my posts and view some pictures of Gaudì’s work, click here, and here, and here, and here, and here. Enjoy!

A La Gaudì May 2015 12″x12″ Created by Mary A Ritter, all rights reserved

4 thoughts on “SAQA Benefit Auction donation…

  1. No problem for you getting back to your beautiful creations. Love the way all these colors work so well with one another. You were certainly in the right country to absorb all those outstanding sights combining magnificent structures and vibrant colors. You have become a master of you art!


    1. Lots of jet lag…. I got too used to siesta time, never really sleeping in Spain, but here, I fall fast asleep in the afternoon. Today I potted some plants during that time hoping that activity will keep me awake so I can sleep at night.


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