Fiber Arts

Spain Memories in fabric

While in Spain in March through May, I collected receipts, tickets, business cards, maps and all sorts of paper memoirs of our trip. In June, I scanned them and arranged them into an 8×11 inch arrangement. Then I printed the page at 300%  on Artist Transfer paper (16 pages in all). Before printing them, I had to make a mirror image! This is important or your designs will be backwards. The transfer paper is the same or similar to what you use to iron a design onto a T Shirt. Once printed, I trimmed the images and ironed them onto another piece of fabric. Here are the results! Click on it for a bigger image.


I decided I didn’t want to cut into it… it measures about 20″ x 27″, so I printed two 8×11″ inch versions which I will use to create a tote.  For these, I used ink jet fabric/paper that will run through the printer as if it is paper. For this fabric, you do not need to use the mirror image. Sometime in the future, I will make something from the larger piece of fabric, but for now, it is a good memoir just hanging on my design wall.