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Fall Colors!

Who can ignore the colors of fall?

This is my favorite season… it is in the high 50s here in North Carolina, and the colors of fall are at their peak. I have been silent on my blog due to a lack of time. Elizabeth Barton‘s classes over on the Art of Quilting website have usurped my time in a most gleeful way. I’ve been studying how to design an art quilt piece, how to dye my own fabrics, how to interpret abstract art and design abstract pieces, and now am embarking on lessons for “Working in a Series”. That is four out of the five classes she offers, and the only one I missed was her Basic Dye class which I will take as soon as it is offered. Be sure to click on Elizabeth’s link above to see her beautiful art pieces, both quilted and watercolor.

Most my pieces are not yet ready for display, but I can show you some fall colors! FallColors

These are some of the fabrics that I dyed and will use soon in an abstract piece that is keeping me busy in my Loft Studio. Below are some photos of the front and back of our house which showcase the beautiful red maple trees. We are so glad that we didn’t replace them. Future years may require us to have them removed due to their closeness to the foundation of the house…. lateral surface roots can be a problem with maples, but we will enjoy them for a few years first.


2015-10 Fall3
Front Entry
Front Entry
Home Front!


Andrea and I enjoyed a “container” class at one of the nearby nurseries, so I went wild creating fall containers.



Hopefully, they will withstand the fall temps and will thrive into the winter.

If not, they will live indoors in  the sunroom!

Here’s one little quilt I made in the dye class …. using monochromatic colors. It depicts the ancient waterwheel and Old Roman Bridge in Cordova, Spain.  More to come!

Photograph turned into a sketch on my iPad. It was the inspiration for the art quilt.
CORDOVA, SPAIN: Ancient Waterwheel, National Park, and Old Roman Bridge

9 thoughts on “Fall Colors!

  1. I agree that the Fall brings us nature;s most beautiful colors and combinations. Truly a work of art. Because of the unusually cold weather we have been experiencing here in NC nature has given us an array of lovely and eye-catching scenery to enjoy.
    Your quilt is magnificent and certainly no surprise! You also seem to capture the beauty and details of everything you see. What a talent and what a special gift you have. Thank you as always for letting us get a peek inside your studio!


  2. Hi Mary,

    Love the Córdoba art piece! You are so talented! We had a great day in the Mosel yesterday taking in the fall colors, too! It is probably just past peak now but awesome still.



  3. So glad you are enjoying your favorite season…love your decorated front enty. The maple trees are beautiful..wish we had leaves that colorful here but we were just excited to get cooler temperatures and rain. The quilt is outstanding…all from a photo taken in Cordova…you are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Glad to hear from you as we thought of you two when watching the weather clouds travel across Texas. We assumed it was a bit south of you, but are glad your feet are somewhat dry! I’m going to use my travel photos for my “Working in a Series” class (which I am now behind the schedule by three weeks), so I got a start with the Córdova waterwheel (mill). Better get moving here!


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