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Professional Art Quilters Alliance-South is exhibiting the show ARTQUILTSvoices at the Page-Walker Art and History Museum in Cary, North Carolina during May and June, ending on July 2. The 39 art quilts shown below are copyrighted by their creator. Enjoy.

THE VOICE OF HARMONY                                                                                                                      “Women’s age old instinct to nurture life and man’s instinct to protect and defend it, are being extended to embrace and serve the life of earth.” by Anne Baring                                                             A number of members of the Professional Art Quilters Alliance-South contributed in the creation of this exhibit to voice harmony in our world! Every individual circle evokes its own feeling, emotion and expression through the art of textiles, texture and embellishments. Together we can recognize our connections to each other and embrace our difference and restore the earth. Display Case Designed and Created by Ana Sumner and Debbie Herbst
CURATOR’S CHOICE WINNER!                                                                                                                         A JOYFUL NOISE by Eileen Williams                                                                                           37″Hx18.5″W                                                                                                                                                     Each sings with its own voice, but a united harmony is joyful.
ARTISTS’ CHOICE WINNER!                                                                                            JUST FLY! by Jill Kerttula                                                                              48″Hx48″W                                                                                                                      The words in this quote really remind me what the true impetus behind creativity is no matter what the voices around you are saying about it or your process. We just do it. It is our inner voice that commands us and guides us to create. Inspiration came from photos of the wonderful flock of pigeons that live on the roof next door to me. Quote used with the permission of the author.
IMPROV by Judy Bastion                                                                                                                               55″H x 37″W                                                                                                                                                       My inspiration comes from a variety of sources–tradition, nature, shapes, architecture, fabrics, photos, words, and the desire to experiment with new techniques to develop and refine my unique style. Art is a means of expressing oneself when mere words will not suffice; to communicate emotions through color and design, honoring the quilters who have come before me while presenting my unique viewpoint. Art elicits different responses for each person. My goal is to open a new outlook. I am a “quiltist”, both an artist and a quilter.
DANCING LADIES CURVED QUILTED by Marjorie Barner                                                    (43″Hx34″W) Artist Statement: This is my original dancing ladies quilt design. The images represent positive attitudes in unspoken voices. Each lady represents one of the following characteristics: Joy, Charity, Faith, Happiness, Grace, Wisdom, Hope, Strength and Serenity.
SUNDAY STROLL IN CASA de CAMPO (MADRID) by Joni L. Beach                         17.775″Hx22″W                                                                                                                                                  As a viewer, in looking at my artwork one sees my voice–me speaking visually of my collected impressions, experiences, and inspirations gathered over time. In a series entitled Visions of Spain, I tell about traveling to a different country for the very first time–with the incredible new experiences, unique culture, and amazing views. In this scene, I tell of the colors, memories, and impressions of a Madrid park–Casa de Campo–and recall a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon spent relaxing around the lake…and how it spoke to me.
SPRING INTO SUMMER FLUTTER-BY by Mary Beth Bellah                                            59″Hx44″W                                                                                                                                                           If summer had a voice, it would surely sing of butterflies and the rustling trees.
COVER COVER by Gwen S. Brink                                                                                             58.5″Hx45.5″W                                                                                                                                              Using the vocabulary of the Japanese tradition called Boro, this quilt speaks of valued textiles worn out and obsessively mended. It is almost exclusively made of recycled fabric including pieces of my clothing, my father’s clothing, and my mother’s sheets; all intimate items once used near the body of the owner. It serves as a metaphor for my role in my dysfunctional family of origin as “peacekeeper” and mender of relationships.
MY GRANDMOTHER’S VOICE by Karen G. Ernst                                                                    37.5″Hx16″W                                                                                                                                                    This quilt is based on a letter my grandmother wrote to my father in 1939. It is a very poetic letter describing the fields, woods, and creek at her farm in the month of October. I have tried to take those words and transcribe them with my fabric collage art. I have also used old photographs taken at the family farm.
VOICES OF PEACE by Katy A Gollahon                                                                                         19.5″x40″W                                                                                                                                                            A heart with wings, my hope for mankind. The central heart contains the names of Nobel Peace Prize winners + Mahatma Gandhi, who should have won a prize. These individuals have worked for education, human rights, micro loans in developing countries, environmental issues, and women’s rights. The wings have the words of children, education, community, family, trust, compromise, understanding and tolerance. These groups and traits are keys to moving mankind forward in a peaceful manner that allows each person to live with dignity and hope.
THEN THERE WERE TEN by Katy A Gollahon                                                                           42″Hx$%”W                                                                                                                                                         The quilt was made as a tribute to my mother Betty Faller Gollahon Jones. She was widowed at a young age with two children. Nine years later she married a widower with eight children. Thus, then there were ten. The words in this quilt are for my mother, her children, and stepchildren. Their own voices are expressed in this quilt.
VOCAL CORDS by Lynne G Harrill       35″Hx25″W                                                              Vocal cords give each of us a voice that is unique in timbre, tone, pitch, and volume.
A LOVE LETTER by Cathy Hedberg              31″Hx23″W                                                                     Days before a friend’s passing, I was called to his bedside. He had sketched a quilt he wished to be presented to his beloved wife for what would be their 39th wedding anniversary. It was to be made from his wedding suit and incorporate symbols of their life together. This is his graphic love letter to her.
WHISPERS OF WOMEN FROM MY PAST by Cathy Hedberg 32.5″Hx33.25″W                                                                                             My mother taught me to sew when I was 12 years old, but many women have contributed to my love of textile art. From vintage hankies, snippets of hand-tatted lace, buttons from my mother’s wedding dress, and other treasures from their sewing boxes, all tell a story across the generations.
MOTHER of the BRIDE by Peg Henderson                                20.5″Hx24.75″W                                                                                                        A mother’s dream can be realized at the wedding of her daughter and reflect the voice of love. The beading in this quilt was salvaged from the dress I wore at my older daughter’s wedding. It clearly recalls a moment in time, in the long voice of our lives-a snapshot of a bride in her gown and her mother arranging her veil. At times that voice was a lullaby, teaching of lessons, anger during teenage angst, sharing family dinners, or eye contact with shared memories but through it all the sturdy voice of love.
IRIS by Debbie Herbst                                                                20.25″Hx30″W                                                                                               The iris represents faith, hope, wisdom, and courage. My sister gave this name to her only daughter. Of all her accomplishments raising her daughter will be her greatest. Saying she values her as a person gives strength to her soul. Encouraging her to strive for better empowers her to face challenges with confidence. she is teaching her to speak from her heart with her mission to make every person’s day better with kind words.
VOICES: WOMEN PRAY at the WESTERN WALL by Susan Hill 23.75″Hx25.75″W                                                                                The Western Wall in Jerusalem is holy to Jews, but it draws people of other faiths as well; it is so big, so old, so silent. It presides over those who pray with their voices and those who silently pause.
CONVERSATION OF THE HEART by Margaret S. Jordan 37″Hx30″W                                                                                   A tribute to my beloved step-mother, who took my siblings and me into her heart long before we learned to return her love. She came from humble beginnings but created a home of small town charm, soft elegance, and love. Her favorite flower was the magnolia floating in an antique bowl. As I created this piece, I felt her presence, and we had one more warm conversation.
VOICES IN MY HEAD by Jill Kerttula                          22″Hx28″W                                                                                    The basis of this is a selfie that I took with my camera phone. To me, it represents the beautiful turmoil that resonates in my head during the creative process; the swirling thoughts and colors that verge on abstract while remaining in touch with realism.
DIRECTION by Lyric M. Kinard                                        This way? That Way?                                                              As the volcano of menopause approaches,  which direction  will  she  take?   Where  will  the inner voice lead?

26.5″H x 38.5″W


HAIKU by Lyric M Kinard 60″Hx24″W                                        rings ripple outward                   whispers in water                            mirror futures reflection                    she finds her voice
I’M FINE by Jana S. Lankford                                        36″Hx43″W                                                                                    This work is based on the art of someone you may know. She may seem fine on the surface, but she carries a dark secret. You see, her father began selling her as a little girl. Now in her thirties, it continues. She can’t tell. If she hides, she’s beaten. She’s economically imprisioned. She can’t run. She can’t testify in court. Years of continued drama have left her too emotionally fragile to hold up to cross examination. She’s trapped. May this piece give voice to an intelligent, strong, courageous survivor who dares not let anyone know.
MY DIRECT ANCESTORS by Nancy Lassiter                  24″Hx20″W                                                                                           How much influence do our ancestors have over us?               Do our genes determine our artistic voices?                                 Are we free to go our own way?
WHERE STARS ARE BORN by Roxane Lessa 20″Hx19″W                                                                       As I make fiber art, I listen to the voice of the materials. They tell me what to do, and in this case, I saw the birth of stars. The silk roving resembled the nebulae as I began working with it. The sheen of the silk to me spoke of a fitting background for the heavens. I love the idea that part of my artistic “voice” is creating something that communicates to others the thrilling beauty of universal creative forces.
MY MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD ME by Roberta Morgan 50″Hx46″W                                                                       Mothers have always given their children sage advice, but most of it was never followed. When I listened to myself, I found that I was saying some of these exact things to my kids. Sometimes it is scary to think I have turned into my mother!
A BREATH OF FRESH AIR by Valerie A Paterson                                     18″Hx32″W                                                                                                           Fresh air sings to me. The breeze whispers to me and carries the fragrance of the flowers and the sounds of a babbling brook. I breathe in… and exhale the essence of what my senses have experienced.
PULSE vs. WAVE COLOR WHEEL IV by Cindy Pryor         40″Hx36″W                                                                                                   The Wurlitzer Theater Organ was the colorful voice for every actor during the silent movie era. Music often serves as our voice speaking of moods, love, memories, and special occasions. This work is one moment in time.
VOICES INTERMINGLED – The Mosque/Cathedral, Cordova, Spain by Mary Ritter                         29.5″HX32.5″W                                                                                           Standing in the nave of the Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba and listening to the all-encompassing pipe organ brought me back in time. Built first as a mosque, the chanting of Moslem voices dominated for 700 years. When the region was conquered by the Pope, the mosque was not razed as was customary, but a Roman Catholic nave was built in the center of the mosque. Thus, the intermingling Muslim and Christian VOICES mixed in spirit, inspiring me to create Las Mezquita and the city Cordoba, past and present, that surrounds it.
PAST and PRESENT by Annette Rogers                       36″HX20″W                                                                                      Voices from the past echoed in my mind as I worked with each fabric so lovingly stitched long ago. Now my voice unites with their voices as I piece together the new and the old.
THE GIFT OF READING by Penny C. Sharp 16″Hx15″W                                                                               I sat across from these men on the Boston T and realized that voices can often be “heard” loudest when they are written. The method of delivery has changed in my lifetime, but the power of the voices has not. I sketched the scene later and added the Dr. Suess quote (“Oh the Places you’ll Go,” 1990).
PINK SHOES by Laurie O Shaw                             40″Hx30″W                                                                                As one with years invested in traditional quilting, the transition to art quilting is challenging me to explore myself and redefine my path. While my left-brain tells me to stay in traditional yellow shoes and toe the rational line, my right-brain is screaming to put on those pink shoes, dance in circles, and let creativity lead the way. Through it all, my heart is singing thanks for the man who supports me on this new journey and for friends who challenge me along the way.
BIRDS HAVE VOICES TOO by Patricia Smith                 50″Hx40″W                                                                                      Looking at the window display that inspired this quilt, I wondered what the little birds were saying as they flew over big bird below. Just as my family and I were talking to each other about what we were viewing, we wondered, do birds talk about what they see? Do they voice their feelings about that big blue bird strutting through the cattails? We hear the birds sing, but do we ever think about their conversations?
COME HOME TO YOU by Ana L. Sumner 53″Hx27.5″W                                                                            I am in the art and the art is in me. As I see through the eyes of creativity, I connect to my surrounds, and what I see I long to express and to let the unknown within me come forth into being. With the help of Jane Hooper’s poem and my raw creative expression, I encourage all to “Come Home to You.”
ORANGE ARRANGEMENT SOME BLUE                     by Sandy Teepen                                                                               My entry has all the color I love to sew and create with. I arranged the pieces with a traditional favorite log cabin pattern in mind – a new look (and a new voice) for an enduring element.
TEXTILES NINE PATCH 14 by Martha Warsaw 23.5″Hx23.5″W                                                                      Speak to me! What do these fabrics, threads and tangles tell me when I look at them working together to voice a new work of art?
C8:FATIGUE by Ruth A White                                                                                               24.25″Hx59.5″W                                                                                                                                                Undergoing successive rounds of chemotherapy saps my energy levels. The lassitude that builds limits my activities, interferes with work, and even silences my voice, so I created C8:Fatigue to express my voice in a visual way. The energetic quilting relaxes to a slow undulating wave and the intense colors of the background and brush strokes fade as the orange chemo infusions intensify. Culminating in the final brush stroke that represents a subtraction of self in palest grey as body and mind are pushed beyond their limits.
TALK by Jenny Williams                                                         15″Hx20″W                                                                                                We’ve all been there…standing outside looking in…at the high school dance listening to the “cool” kids talking about other kids and the “regular” kids trying to sound cool…and maybe five or twenty-five years have passed, but the memory is always there in the back of our minds…

BEING KOI                                by Nanette S. Zeller 49″Hx18″W                            My mother died when I was 14. It’s been too many years, and I can no longer remember the sound of her voice. I do remember some things she would say. When we begged for something that she could not afford, she would always answer, “if wishes were fishes, we’d all be in the sea.” This quilt reminds me of my mother’s words; I just wish I could remember her voice.

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  1. Mary, your quilt “Intermingled Voices” is beautiful! What an great idea to use for your quilt. The quilts are all so incredible! I wish we could go to the show. It’s impressive!

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad



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