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Auction Time Again

Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA) has gathered the 12×12″ quilts again from members around the world and will begin to auction them off on September 16. You can see the quilts here.  My donated piece can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying these hot, humid summer days by staying indoors. It is the perfect time to work in the studio and complete some long term projects. For now, I’m just giving a peek at the project because the piece is still coming together, but when I get it pressed and blocked and totally completed, I will post a better picture of it. This particular work will be a triptych (3 panels), so it will give me a chance to improve each piece as they progress. In a way,  this is similar to working in a series which is so beneficial for improving all aspects of the process.

It’s going to be in the high 90s for another week, so I anticipate having the time to move right along on this project. Then again, I’m a political junky, and the DNC keeps distracting me with entertaining and inspiring speeches.

What’s keeping you busy? I love to hear from you either by email or in the comments below.

Gypsy Fire Quilting Progress1
Gypsy Fireworks Quilting Progress on Panel #1

5 thoughts on “Auction Time Again

    1. Hi Dee! Thanks. I have created four fireworks blasts on my quilt today…. that’s a lot, but I hope to get a few more done while watching the DNC tonight. Crazy out there, eh?


    1. I can see the sparks coming from your sewing machine…it’s an honor to have such a multi-talented neighbor and friend. You always amaze me!


  1. I ordered this weather just for you so we can get to see so many more of your outstanding pieces as you work comfortably in your studio. Looks like nature agreed with me. Your donated piece, Prairie Breezes definitely lived up to your fabulous workmanship. What beautiful colors that just pop up at you and blend perfectly. I’m sure your donation to the auction will bring in a huge sum. Thank you as always for all your exquisite pieces and for sharing your many talents with us. Keep you the good work ! ! !


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