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Progress on the “Gypsy Fireworks” wall hanging is happening. Only about 60 more firework blocks to embellish! This shows the first panel of three and it has about eighteen inches which is not showing yet. Too bad the top right blocks started to get off line. I’ll try to do a better job on the next two panels. =-) The piece is based on the design Gypsy Wife By Jen Kingwell Quilting Booklet. I varied from her design by using my own dyed fabrics, turning some of the blocks on point, adding the cityscape along the bottom, and adding the fireworks embellishment. Basically, I liked and used her strippy layout and all of the block patterns. The original design creates one large quilt and I am making 3 panels to hang on the wall. The three panels will create a hanging that is approximately 72″x72″. More to come as I make more progress.

Gypsy Fire Quilting Progress2
Gypsy Fireworks – Panel #1

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