Here we GO again!

Come along with us to seven countries in Europe over a 23 day period: United Kingdom (Heathrow Airport only), The Czech Republic (5 days), Slovakia (1/2 day), Austria (3 days), Germany (10), The Netherlands (3), and Brussels (2). We’ll travel by air, bus and small river cruise ship.

Day 1 and 2- September 23 and 24

We left Raleigh on Friday, September 23 at 6:30pm – many thanks to Joan and Terry for the ride to RDU  and the send-off. We flew directly to Heathrow Airport in London, arriving there at 6:30am European time, but midnight our time.

Sunrise over London. Bright light is at the end of the wing. Photo by Norm Ritter

Sunrise over London. Bright light is at the end of the wing. Photo by Norm Ritter

After a 3 hour layover, we continued to Prague arriving at 2pm, where a Grand Circle representative met us and delivered us to our hotel, the Dorint Don Giovanni. After a welcome talk from Mihai, our guide, we unpacked and rested in our room until dinner. We met up with Mihai for directions for tomorrow. Then he took us for a short orientation walk to point out possible restaurants for the evening. We gathered with four others for a meal at Zelivárna.

Pilsner is a Czech beer, so we all toasted to a joyous trip. Hungry from all the travel and excitement, we each ate a hearty meal.

Norm had his favorite – pork chops – with crushed potatoes. I had a pork hock with pickled vegetables, horseradish and mustard. Pork is the mainstay of the Bohemian diet… Healthier versions to follow! Let’s hope!

Ciao for now!



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Wife, mother, retired educator, emerging artist. Mary has lived in 10 states and enjoyed them all ~ Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Hawaii, California, Utah, Minnesota (return), North Carolina with long term visits to Colorado and Arizona. She likes to travel and create textile art. She has exhibited at the Page-Walker Art Gallery and History Center in Cary, North Carolina; Emerald Art Center, Springfield Oregon; Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Spartanburg ArtIst Center, Spartanburg, GA; Durham-Orange Quilt Show; Minnesota Quilt Show; the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and the Quilt Fest of New Jersey.
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5 Responses to Here we GO again!

  1. Dee Ann says:

    Oh, yeah….a post from the start of your trip….can’t wait for more…thanks so much. Have a great time.

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  2. aimolde2013 says:

    What a great start! Al and I were in Prague almost exactly a year ago. We absolutely loved it!! Be sure to try a Tedelnik ( that’s as close as I can get ). It’s a dough wrapped around a piece of wood a little skinnier than a rolling pin. They roast it and then sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar or fill with Nutella. If you have one make sure it’s right off the stick and fresh! Don’t buy one if there piled up waiting to be bought. 😀. There was a man in a wagon selling them right in the square where the buses and trolleys come. I love your pictures! I’m so excited to travel with you vicariously!

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad


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