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DAY 3: a castle, a cathedral and a ghetto

Day 3 ~ September 25, 2016

A very filling and delicious breakfast is included in our stay at the Don Giovanni. It consisted of cereals, fruits, juices, coffee, tea, bacon, sausages, eggs in a variety of styles, breads, desserts… More than needed, but a nice selection.

We boarded a tour bus to see the Castle District and Old Town. Then we followed the tour guide on foot (ouch!) to view St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle where the Czech Prime Minister was in residence today.

St. Vitus Cathedral is an integral part of the castle where it served as the King’s personal cathedral. We toured only the courtyards. We will tour a cathedral in Cologne that has the window this one was modeled on…. So later… Because it was Sunday there were services and we could not tour it.

These soldiers were just doing their jobs… No fancy ceremony. Colorful uniforms, though. The red “kit” car is used as a touring car, just like the old  horse and buggy. Perhaps this what NYC needs to do!

PS: The hotel connection is slow, publishing is tedious. Perhaps it will be better in Austria. Patience needed on this end! More to come about this day.

Ciao for now!

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