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Day 4 – Charles Bridge, Prague

Day 4-Sep 26 (Monday)


We are greeted in the lobby by Amadeus Mozart. The bar is called Amadeus Cafe and Bar.

We left as a group on the underground metro, arriving at Charles Bridge, named for the last Roman King, Charles IV. Prior to crossing the bridge on foot, we had a tour of the Lesser Town, an area surrounding the Castle District of yesterday, where Mihai gave us an overview of Czech history and government on the grounds of the government buildings. Then Mihai left us our on our own to explore the area further.

After a quick lunch of goulash soup in a bread bowl and some glasses of Czech Budweisr, we journeyed slowly across the very crowded bridge. It is a pedestrian bridge with tall gates at both ends which were used to keep enemies out as needed.

Charles Bridge Gate leading into Old Town section of Prague.

Along the length of the bridge are numerous statues of saints and many artisans ready to sell their wares.

View on Charles Bridge of Prague, the city of steeples.

I stopped in a sidewalk cafe for coffee and a rest while Norm explored a bit more, finding a riverside walkway and restaurant he felt would be a good location to return to in the evening.

Once across the bridge, we caught the Metro back for a bit of a rest. We arranged to attend a concert at St. Salvador Cathedral at the base of the Charles Bridge. The musicians were very skilled and talented. We thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

St. Salvador’s is built in the Baroque style of the Romans which replaced the Gothic style of the earlier rulers. We were on our own for dinner as we didn’t participate in the tour of Sychrov Castle some distance away that included dinner. We found a cafe at the Charles Bridge area and just steps away from the concert which gave us a spot to watch the lights come on at the Cathedral, Prague Castle and the Bridge.

Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge at Night.  Prague, The Czech Republic     Photo by Norm Ritter

Appropriately, we enjoyed The Czech Special, which consists of roast pork, sweet red cabbage and dumplings, along with a glass of Reisling. Then we returned by Metro to the hotel. We set the alarm and got up at 3am to watch the presidential debate.

Ciao for now!

6 thoughts on “Day 4 – Charles Bridge, Prague

  1. This was so fun to read! We bought a piece of art on the Charles Bridge. Its now hanging in our living room. Our concert was near the Charles Bridge too. The castle and cathedral were fun to visit. We especially loved Prague at night. Your picture is beautiful. Thanks for another day of sharing!

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad


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  2. Love that you went to the concert…loved their selection of music. I applaud you for staying up late enough to post the beautiful nighttime photo….as we were usually pooped and ready for bed. Looks like your weather was just perfect.

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