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Day 5-Sep 27~just roamin’

Day 5-Sep 27 (Tuesday)~just roamin’

The tour group headed to Terezin Concentration Camp so Norm and I slept in and took the Metro back to the Old Town area at around noon.

Waiting for the metro! It isn’t easy to remember the station names… So many consonants. The decor tells us this is the “red” metro line.

We happened across a restaurant recommended by Cary neighbors. So we stopped for coffee, apple strudel and raspberry créme brulée.


Then we explored the Old Town square by the Astronomical Clock. Mihai recommended an art gallery that featured Anton Mucha, a famous Czech graphic artist.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

We thoroughly enjoyed the gallery and then walked around the Wenceslas Square where we spent some of Czech Crowns which won’t be usable after tomorrow. The next countries will all use Euros.

After a lunch stop in Bratislava, Slovakia, the bus  will take us to the Cantata Adagio, our river cruiser. See you on board!


Ciao for now!

2 thoughts on “Day 5-Sep 27~just roamin’

  1. Oh, Mucha…we got to tour the Municipal House and look at his neat paintings on the walls….Art Nouveau is normally not my thing but I really could appreciate it there. Also, if I remember correctly, there were Mucha stained glass windows in St Vitus Cathedral…hope you got to see from the exterior. I am so impressed that you did the Metro. My favorite in Prague was the tour of the Strahov Monastery…books, painted and stuccoed ceilings. Can’t wait til you are on the river cruise…lucky me (us… for those of us following you on your blog) to be traveling along with you. Also following Susan Branch in England and Scotland. Two armchair tours for me…yeah!

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