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Day 9-Oct 1-Sat~Riding the border~Passau, Germany

Day 9-Oct 1-Sat~Riding the border~Passau, Germany

Here is the Adagio (blue on top) berthed beside another ship. In order to exit we walk across a short gangplank onto the sundeck of the other ship and then down onto their gangplank onto the pier.

As we float down the Danube River, we are straddling the border between Austria and Germany. There are rolling tree-covered hills with picturesque villages on either side. We won’t technically be in Germany until we dock in Passau and register our passports. We have left our passports with the ship’s pursor so all of the details will be handled for us.

Passau is a town in Lower Bavaria, Germany. It is also known as the Dreiflüssestadt or “City of Three Rivers,” because the Danube is joined at Passau by the Inn River from the south and the Ilz River from the north. l thought it would be interesting to cross through this confluence, but we are berthed at the tip of a peninsula where the three rivers meet, and it is smooth and quiet.

Village and countryside on the Austrian side of the river. The bridges are only in the big cities, so crossing is done in boats or small ferries.
Larger town on the German side of the river. As you can see, our sunny skies have been replaced with fog, clouds and a bit cooler temperatures. Still a beautiful view.
To pass the time while we sail along, the Adagio’s chef demonstrates how to make apfel strudel.

Some folk bring their bikes! I translate this sign as cruise going shelf #1.  It marks where the cruise ships dock on the pier.

Empress Elizabeth, also known as Cici, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. He was the oldest of 16, of Empress Maria Terese ~ her youngest child was Marie Antoinette. What a family!

The guide in Vienna told us Cici was beautiful like Romi Schnieder, who played her in a movie. Franz Joseph chose to marry her over her sister and against his mother’s wishes because she was so beautiful. She was sad like Princess Diana becase Empress Maria Terese was not a good mother-in-law. The empress insisted on raising Cici’s children and isolated her until she produced a male heir. Her third child was a son, but he died tragically as a young man. She rode horseback like Don Giovanni – she was a bit of a tomboy. She was assassinated like JFK at the age of 72(?) by an anarchist. He stabbed her with a long sword while she was out walking. The tightness of her corset stemmed the bleeding, but when they removed it, she died. What a story! There is a three part movie based on her life that I hope to watch.

Caught sight of this woman in period costume during our walking tour.
We attended the St. Stephen’s Passau Cathedral Organ Concert at noon. Five independent organs situated around the nave can all be played concurrently from the main keyboard. 17974 pipes, 233 registers. It is the world’s largest cathedral organ. The music was gorgeous and so calming. The pews were filled front to back. The church is Italian Baroque style, and much better designed than the Melk Abbey-not quite so garish in its use of gold leaf.

After the concert, we found the highly recommended Simon’s Cafe where we had a small lunch and bought some chocolate to enjoy aboard ship… just in case we ever get hungry.

(Be sure to click on an individual picture for a larger view and sometimes, commentary.)

After strolling about the city for a short time, we returned to the ship to hear a presentation from a Sudeten German woman. It was fascinating. Sudeten Germans live in the Sudetan Mountain area bordering Germany/Czech Republic and are the German people  who were forced into The Czech Republic when the borders were realigned by treaties following WWI. They gradually developed new lives and then Hitler began to rise. During  WWII, they were displaced over and over. While we all know of the displacement and horrible treatment of the Jewish people, few of us know about the difficulties faced by these formerly Bohemian Germans.

Ciao for now!

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  1. Love the interior of the church and to get to hear that organ must have been marvelous. Thanks for posting all the photos…looks like you are getting cooler temps. Be careful if you take one of the bikes and go riding as one of our fellow travelers in the Netherlands collided with another bike or car and was injured…not fun to do on a trip….Europeans are more experienced than us in their bike riding.

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