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Day 11-Oct 3-Mon- Kelheim, Germany-Home Visit in Bielngries, Germany

Day 11-Oct 3-Mon- Kelheim, Germany-Home Visit in Bielngries, Germany

The bus took us to the Liberation Hall, a Neoclassical monument built by King Ludwig I of Bavaria which commemorates the victory over Napoleon in 1815. It is high on a cliff over Kelheim, Germany which gave us a beautiful view of the Danube on which we will travel on a ferry today to visit the Benedictine monastery of Weltenburg which also contains the oldest monastic brewery, dating back to 1050. The beer is available in the lounge on the ship. We will soon be  where that ship is!


Then, we returned to the ship for a lunch featuring potato pancakes, ham meatloaf, and apricot layer cake. We can just sample the meal because we already had a full breakfast and sampled a large preztel and beer on the ferry ride. So full!

For our home visit the bus took us to a nearby city, Bielngries, Germany where we spent the afternoon visiting in a home there for a kaffeeklatsch.

Our hostess, Katherine teaches 4th grade-25 students; has 3 sons-1 works for Audi; 1 is a middle school teacher; 1 is in school studying engineering. Husband is a farmer and is also retired from another career, perhaps engineering.

When asked about the economy, she talked about the unemployment. She and her family feel fortunate that they have had the opportunity to work together to build their own home and their children could be trained for careers. Nephews find it more difficult to find work so they live at home. Luckily, their parents can afford to have them. However, menial jobs worked for an 8 hour day do not pay enough to support even a low level lifestyle, as in the US, so some choose to not work, and take welfare which pays more than the low wages paid at the jobs. The problem is so similar to the US.

Katherine served us three desserts that she had made for us. One was a plum dessert, another was a pear layer cake, and the third was a layered apple cake, along with tea or coffee.

We are happy to return to the ship for a rest before happy hour and a full four course dinner, followed by a talk about the mechanics of the 66 canals we will traverse during our 14 days aboard. We have already passed through 16 of them, but there are many to go. We will move into the Danube-Rhine Canal now and travel across the Ural Mts. and the continental divide. But I know one thing… We will not be hungry!

We noticed that some of the churches in Bavaria have two steeples or one steeple with two symbols. On one steeple we see the cross and on the other a Rooster. The Cock on the steeple indicates that the church is Protestant. They chose the cock to signify the three times that St. Peter, leader of the Catholic Church, denied Christ, so they deny the Catholic Church’s practices, like Martin Luther did, by using the cock on the steeple.

Ciao for now!

2 thoughts on “Day 11-Oct 3-Mon- Kelheim, Germany-Home Visit in Bielngries, Germany

  1. What a beautiful picture of the Danube! They ARE feeding you well! It sounds like another very interesting day. I look forward to your blog each day! Thanks for sharing!

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad


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