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Day 13-Oct 5-Wed-Bamburg, Germany

Day 13- Oct 5- Wed- Bamburg, Germany

This town has been untouched by war and strife, and so it exists as it was in the Middle Ages. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We took a brief walking tour along the river and into the central market area with our guide, Mihai.


Then we had about an hour to explore on our own. There are more than 10 breweries in town crafting the local specialty-smoked beer. We did not try it. For the first time, we found an Apotek, or drugstore where I could buy some necessities. Definitely not cheap. Aspirin, cough drops and heel cushions came to 36€. Oh well. Needed supplies. I also found a blue scarf to add to my collection at a lovely local boutique and Norm bought a colored pencil sketch of the town.


More time was definitely needed to see the special locations in this town. We had a snack of Flammkuchen, much like a pizza, and then we headed back to the bus and were back on board for lunch. We took free time after lunch to read, write and nap a bit. We ate dinner on board while we sailed for Wurzburg where we will dock at 10:45PM, but we did not attend the karoake session in the lounge.

Ciao for now!

3 thoughts on “Day 13-Oct 5-Wed-Bamburg, Germany

  1. Bamberg is such a classic town. So fun to see your pictures. It sounds like you saw as much as possible. Al and I enjoy Flammkuchen too!

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad



  2. Looks like this day was sunny…better than the day in Nuremberg. Love that you included the menu. The old buildings look so neat. Thanks for including history in your postings. Hope you get to go to the Residenez in Wurzburg…have always wanted to go there because of the Tiepolo paintings/mural but have never been…see for me!


    1. We took the optional tour into Rothenburg and loved that (next post) a lot. We were too tired, unfortunately, to do the late afternoon tour of Wurzburg. We are wishing they would allow more time in each of these locations. I guess we were spoiled with all the time we had in Spain!


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