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Day 15-Oct 7-Fri~Wertheim, Germany~Fire and Stone

Day 15-Oct 7-Fri~Wertheim, Germany~Fire and Stone

We have been on the Main River for two days now. The Main River flows through the German states of BavariaBaden-Württemberg (forming the border with Bavaria for some distance) and Hesse. Its basin competes with the Danube for water; as a result, many of its boundaries are identical with those of the European Watershed.

We are in Wertheim which is a small town so we are able to walk off the gangplank directly into the town. We walked all over the old market center which was very picturesque. It seems taxes were determined by the size of the footprint of the building, so owners would build small, but tall. This building is the narrowest in the state of Franconia, a state in Germany. We have spent 3 days in Bavaria, another state in Germany.


We did not dock until 10:30am, so we were treated to a glassblowing demonstration prior to going out for our walking tour. The artist also had wares to sell. We helped keep him in business.

(Click on the individual photos for a larger version and sometimes commentary.)

The other highlight of the day found us roaming around the castle ruins high above the city on our own. We rode up and back in a special coach train – Burgbahnle. We had a wonderful sunny cool day, and saw some good views of Wertheim from on high.

Norm is waving to me from up high on the right. 

On our way back to the ship, we stopped at a local festival, listened to some German music and had a brat and beer.


Then we had to get back to the boat as it is sailing to Offenbach by tomorrow morning. (I skipped dinner on the ship after eating that brat, and we both skipped the dance party in the lounge.)

Ciao for now!

3 thoughts on “Day 15-Oct 7-Fri~Wertheim, Germany~Fire and Stone

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love reading your blog! We’ve never been to Wertheim. It looks lovely! The glass blower must have been interesting too. Al loves every picture of the brat and beer! (I’ll be sad when your trip is over. I’m living vicariously each day and loving it!) PS. I went to Kathy’s daughter’s wedding yesterday in Montevideo. Al had to be in Morris. The person in charge of the media was Meggan Sachariason. We noticed that last night. Is she a relative?

    Ingrid Molde Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. Sent from my I Pad



    1. It is good to hear that you are enjoying the blog so much. I get so little time to write it that I feel like I am leaving a lot out. Our guide tells wonderful stories and gives very intelligent explanations in anser to questions. He says the world is treating our election as if it were an IQ test, but he only chuckled when we asked him for more information!


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